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Vitamin B Bar

Recalibrate your body with a Vitamin B injection! When was the last time you had optimal levels of energy? Many of us charge through the day ignoring how tired we feel. We chase that cup of coffee to get the tasks done, constantly thinking we should do more for our body and ourselves to be more rested. Many of us work out to the point of exhaustion and then do it again without proper recovery. With every year that passes this cycle spins faster, and mental and physical recovery takes longer.

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For many people, our Vitamin B Bar provides that magic elixir that packs a huge wellness punch! Clients of ours who are deficient in Vitamin B12 stores feel an almost immediate (within 90 mins-2 hours) boost in energy that has effects lasting up to 7 days.  For those seeking Vitamin B therapy Dr. Z recommends a treatment course of one injection per week for four weeks, and then an injection every four weeks afterwards to maintain optimal Vitamin B stores. Vitamin B12 is a necessity for the body to make DNA for new cells, form healthy new red blood cells and metabolize the food we eat.  Because of this, it is elementary in any weight loss program and especially for those of us over 50 as our bodies have slowed down the cell turnover process. It is essential to our well being, and more so as we age.

Our clients swear by B12 injections to help them manage muscle fatigue (athletes!), stress, digestion issues and low energy.  Beyond these benefits, many clients report that a tailored B12 injection helps with symptoms of insomnia, improves mood, offers clarity of mind and regulates blood glucose levels. Our vegetarian and vegan clients know they can’t get by without regular injections of B12, as it is only naturally occurring in meat and not truly bio-available in supplements.

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Please call to inquire about our current menu of Vitamin B shots and boosters. We work closely with a local compounding pharmacy to bring you the best quality products, including high impact anti-oxidants, vital amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals.

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Currently our Vitamin B Bar menu includes the follow cocktails:

  • B Well: A simple dose of Vitamin B12 for energy, wellness and clarity
  • B Slim: B12 + Fat burning compound (MIC) boosts your metabolism and energy levels (a favorite of busy brides to be and moms!)
  • B Healthy: Vitamin B12 + Glutathione, a super antioxidant that provides an immune system boost and has vital anti-inflammatory properties. Helps relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies.
  • B Ready: Vitamin B12 + Vitamin B Complex, rejuvenates you with a complete Vitamin B lineup to support your mind and body. (Helps with hangovers too!)