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Dr. Zaheer Zaidi

Zaheer Zaidi, MD

Welcome to Von Lux Medical Aesthetics! We are a small, dedicated group of professionals who work hard to meet all of your aesthetic needs. Our team is led by Dr. Zaheer Zaidi, we call him Dr. Z! As a board certified anesthesiologist he brings a truly unique expertise to facial injectables and laser treatments.  When he is not booked at the medspa, Dr. Z is a busy member of the Anesthesiology Medical Group of Santa Cruz practicing at Dominican Hospital, Santa Cruz Surgery Center and Capitola Surgery Center.  Dr. Z is a master of anesthesiology, but has a special interest in cardiac and obstetric anesthesia.


Dr. Zaidi truly loves interacting with his patients, which is what led him to open an aesthetic medicine practice. With his work at the hospital, Dr. Zaidi rarely has the opportunity to see patients repeatedly or even find out how their treatments progress post-surgery. After years of missing this important dynamic, Dr. Z decided that it was best to cultivate a patient base outside of his anesthesia practice whom he could serve and grow old with, gracefully of course! It’s no coincidence that he’s known for his kind and happy bedside manner at work and at the medspa. It’s because he truly loves seeing his patients! Dr. Z regularly shuffles his busy work schedule to see new medspa patients and follow up with regulars for injectable or laser treatments.


Throughout his career Dr. Z’s focus has been patient safety and quality of care delivered through attention to detail and excellent execution of medical procedures. Dr. Zaidi has been managing patients in high risk and stressful situations for years as an anesthesiologist, always aware of the anatomy, muscle, nerve and bone structure, so it was a natural transition to tailor these skills to a more tranquil field of medicine. From anesthesia to aesthetics, Dr. Z strives to be an expert in his field and regularly trains with well known facial plastic surgeons and injectable experts to be able to offer you the newest and best techniques, all aimed at creating the look you desire.

Amra Saunders, RN

Amra Saunders, RN

Meet our wonderful nurse, Amra Saunders! She is a surfer, runner, yogi, super-mom of 3 and our resident laser expert. Amra is a registered nurse with almost a decade of patient care under her belt and her confidence in patient care shows. She was born, raised, and educated in Santa Cruz and has dedicated her nursing career to helping those in our beautiful community. She is experienced across all spectrums of inpatient treatment including endoscopy, obstetrics, post-partum, pre-operative, post operative and neonatal care. When Amra is not at the medspa she provides outstanding care to patients at the Capitola Surgery Center.


For Amra, the transition to aesthetic medicine has been easy and it shows by how much our patients love her! She was first drawn to aesthetics through her love of skin care and body treatments. She is a worthy master to our state of the art laser, the Palomar Icon Aesthetic System. Her specialties at the medspa include Botox injections, full body laser hair removal, Brazilian laser hair removal, IPL/Photofacial and 1540 Facial Resurfacing treatments.  She often collaborates with Dr. Z to create custom rejuvenation plans such as our “10 Years Younger” treatment for patients, combining 1540 facial resurfacing, dermal filler injections and Botox treatment.

The Von Lux Medical Aesthetics Difference

Here is our promise: We will get to know and work with you to achieve your desired result. Our team works together to consult on treatment plans and tailor injectables and/or laser treatment for each one of our patients. The standard of care goes above and beyond simply injecting upon the wrinkle lines to achieve a certain look. The key to non-surgical aesthetic medicine and aging gracefully is having an experienced practitioner use tools such as injectables and lasers to enhance your natural features. Our goal is for you to be happy with our service and to love the results. We believe in full disclosure, which means we strive to ensure that you understand the treatments you receive, and the risks and benefits associated with each of them. With this in mind, please be assured that our team will only recommend treatments and products that will benefit you specifically and which are appropriate for you. And if you have questions at any time, please ask us. We’re here to help!

The Von Lux Medical Aesthetics Style

Here is a truth, every practitioner works differently! Dr. Z loves to collaborate with patients on a more natural looking rejuvenation using a carefully selected combination of Botox and dermal fillers and 1540 laser treatments. Because of his anesthesiology roots, he always aims to provide a relatively painless procedure. He has a conservative hand when it comes to administering injectables, opting for an end result that makes you look refreshed rather than over-done. Our nurse Amra also has her own style; she is very thorough during laser procedures, knowing that every zap counts! She loves the natural look and is great as visualizing a more dramatic profile with injectables. If you need a consultation for a voluminous pouty lip or you never want to see your crow’s feet again, Amra will help make it happen!

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